Brexit Negotiations Reach Endgame

Dazed and confused, it’s Britain in the age of Brexit

Leah McLaren: Nobody knows the way out, and watching a nation’s entire political elite exposed as incompetent and craven is deeply disorienting
Tim Hortons New Coffee 20150401

Can Tim Hortons thrive without its Canadian crutch?

Tim Hortons is about to enter the coffee-saturated United Kingdom. Will Timbits and leaky lids win over the Brits?
Philippe Couillard, Liam Fox

When it comes to trade, the U.K. is stuck in the past

The nostalgists running the U.K. love the idea of trade because it equates to a time when England set the terms, and not the weakened position it’s now in
Men who love 'My Little Pony'

A compulsory happiness survey?

That’s why the Brits have a problem with Brussels
On the banks of denial

The LIBOR scandal: It can’t just be bad apples

Bad systems convince good people they are doing good even when they are clearly doing the opposite
austerity rotator

Five seriously austere measures that aren’t in the Drummond report

From alcohol duties to the Queen’s pay–here’s what others are doing to stretch their budgets
Tapping a new market

The next frontier for beer: women

As British brewers target women, Canadian companies find beer plays a broader role in our culture
Everyone’s gone mad

Everyone’s gone mad

Andrew Coyne on the facile explanations being used to explain the London riots
A nation infected by scandal

A nation infected by scandal

Andrew Coyne on how the culture of corruption did not just infect Rupert Murdoch’s empire, but much of the British establishment
Greedy Rita, meter maid

Greedy Rita, meter maid

The U.K. is handing out parking tickets at record levels