U.S. congress

Supporters of impeachment gather outside US Capitol in Washington, DC

A Trump-empowering act of impeachment

Allen Abel: The Democrats believe they have the moral high ground. But are they setting up Trump for re-election?
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is here to stay

A scream once derailed a presidential campaign. Now, Trump is cruising past his senior aide’s guilty plea. No help is coming, writes Andray Domise

Donald Trump will have to learn to cede the spotlight in 2018

Opinion: Trump needs the Republicans’ grip of Congress. But to keep it in 2018’s midterm elections, he’ll have to relinquish his greatest political gift
Trump attends the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony in Connecticut

How does impeachment work, and could it happen to Donald Trump?

Impeachment is only the first step in a chain of events that leads to removal from office, but that’s unlikely to be set off any time soon
Capitol Storm

In Washington, D.C., the political swamp monsters prowl on

Donald Trump vowed to ’drain the swamp’. But in the black lagoon of the U.S. Capitol, America’s biggest career politicians press on uncertainly
A man walks past a TV broadcast of the first presidential debate between U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, in Seoul

Clinton campaign turns to regaining power in Congress

Worsening numbers for Republicans prompted one prominent election-analysis firm Tuesday to predict a Democratic takeover of the Senate
House Speaker John Boehner speaks to the media on Capitol Hill

The U.S. debt ceiling: what just happened and what’s up next

Why the House Republicans’ bill is not-so-great news

The Fiscal Cliff explained

Five things you need to know about the (totally manufactured) term
Whose Wisconsin?

Whose Wisconsin: Paul Ryan or Tammy Baldwin?

Congresswoman Baldwin has a different view of Wisconsin than the Republican VP nominee
The trouble with too much democracy

The trouble with too much democracy

The real threat is not economic decline, it’s political decay