Happy holidays! Love, the American economy

Your financial and economic news for Christmas Eve!

7 things we learned from NSA leaker Edward Snowden today

Highlights from #AskSnowden, contractor’s online chat

Romney vs. Obama, Round 2

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The Canadian jet-setter knows to board her plane down south

Savvy fliers cross the border for flights up to 30 per cent cheaper


Puerto Rico the 51st state? Not likely.

On Nov. 6, Puerto Rico is holding a referendum on the territory’s tricky political status with the United States. Puerto Rican support for formal statehood has been growing steadily in recent years, with polls showing 41 per cent want the island to become the 51st state.

America’s new BFF

Why Vietnam is becoming America’s new BFF

The former enemies are big trading partners. Could military co-operation be next?

CHART – Team China vs. Team USA: The great overtaking

How GDP and population size are propelling the People’s Republic to the top of the podium


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Don’t EVER joke about sex. Expect obscure sports analogies.

NATO: Death by a thousand little spending cuts?

Can a debt-ridden U.S. still afford to pick up the cheque?


Thought ‘Stuxnet’ was brilliant spyware? Meet ‘Flame’

It can read keystrokes and take screen-grabs, detect cellphones and even record conversations

Why today’s Iran nuclear talks in Baghdad come with a lot of baggage

And why Washington and Tehran must learn to trust each other nonetheless