UK election


Conservative majority secured. Now the hard part.

Andrew MacDougall: With Boris Johnson now holding the tiger firmly by the tail, there’s no one left to blame should the country take a mauling in the next stage of Brexit negotiations

Conservatives take Downing Street. Markets rally.

May 8: Counting hasn’t finished, but the outcome is clear: a victory for the Tories and the SNP. Plus, it’s jobs day in North America.

Markets react to NDP win, as voting begins in the UK

May 7: Plus, Alibaba’s IPO hype continues to deflate, and the absent women of the venture capital world
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Britain’s headache

The newly minted PM faces a daunting task: fix the U.K.’s finances
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A coalition worth getting behind

David Cameron has been forced to earn the confidence of the House, not just assume it
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A slow-burn bonfire of liberties

MARK STEYN: Here’s what you get when the state hauls nobodies off to jail for quoting the Bible
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This fixed-term election law is built to last

COYNE: To unlock Britain’s election law, you need two keys
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That UK election, in full: a guide for the perplexed

ANDREW COYNE’s quick guide to the leaders, the bargaining positions, and the stakes