Carney leaves after a G-20 finance ministers plenary during the IMF-World Bank annual meeting in Washington on Oct. 18, 2019 (CP/Yuri Gripas/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Mark Carney’s next chapter(s)

Paul Wells: The former bank governor has written a book, done work for the UN, and takes calls from the PM. Now, will he run?
Justin Trudeau speaks during a Girl Education event at UN headquarters during the General Assembly of theUN in New York on Sept. 25, 2018 (AMR ALFIKY/AFP via Getty Images)

Why Canada fails time and again on the world stage

Scott Gilmore: The UN Security Council seat loss is more proof that when a real geopolitical crisis finally comes, we have no foreign policy muscle to save us
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with supporters in Caracas. Venezuela has been named a member of teh UN Human Rights Council, despite the UN's own report that the Maduro regime engaged in orchestrated political assassinations (Miguel Gutiérrez/EPA)

The UN, where rights abusers get to be on the human rights council

Terry Glavin: The UNHRC is so rife with oppressors and torture states that it just might serve the opposite of its founding purpose
Doug Ford, Jason Kenney

Doug Ford, Jason Kenney and the end of the world

Stephen Maher: Only fools, cranks or politicians can ignore the scientific consensus around global warming and the urgent need to address it
Donald Trump

Trump gives a press conference, and the world laughs (with him?)

Scott Gilmore: A year ago, this spectacle would have sparked several international crises. Today, the world is mostly laughing at the U.S. president.
World Leaders Address The United Nations General Assembly

United Nations delegates think Donald Trump is funny—despite themselves

Trump claimed that ’humanity is better’ thanks to him. In a body that sustains itself on problems it never solves, that’s cause for nervous laughter

The UN meets the Trump doctrine: blow everything up

Terry Glavin: There is a lot wrong with the UN Human Rights Council, but the United States’ abdication of its UN leadership role serves no one
President Trump Holds “Celebration Of America” Event On South Lawn Of White House

The G7 question: How do we America-proof the West?

Scott Gilmore: America has gone from bulwark of the western alliance to a threat. It’s time for a strategy to contain the U.S. and defend ourselves.