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"Financially, it would be catastrophic": A university principal on Quebec’s tuition hikes

Sébastien Lebel-Grenier, principal and vice-chancellor at Bishop’s University, says that Bishop’s could lose 90 per cent of its out-of-province students—forcing the university to slash a quarter of its budget

The Maclean’s University Guidebook is here to help

Introducing the ultimate guide on how to navigate the application process and get into the best school for you
University admissions roundtable

What universities really think about your application

We asked admissions officers from three top schools to talk about how they’re choosing this year’s class of students 
Serious young female student in hoodie writing notes in copybook and leaning head on hand while sitting at desk with tablet and stationery in modern library

The best application help money can buy

Many students are turning to admissions coaches to help write application essays and game their chances of acceptance at their top-pick schools. The cost? Almost as much as a year’s tuition.
The University of Victoria divested its working capital fund of fossil fuels after students held a protest at the school’s administrative building (Colin Smith)

Inside the student-led movements urging Canadian universities to divest from fossil fuels

University students across Canada are frustrated by the slow pace of halting dangerous climate change, and they are wielding their power to do something about it
People in Katoomba, Australia, saw these scattered bushfires on the horizon in December 2019 (Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Six Canadian university students on how they’re fighting climate change

University students in Canada are paying more attention to climate change than ever before. It’s their future that’s in limbo, they say, and they want companies and governments—and their own schools—to start listening.
Needles containing COVID-19 vaccine wait to be administered to patients at a clinic in Ottawa on March 30, 2021 (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Canada’s universities and colleges are failing science

Amir Attaran and Jacob Shelley: By not requiring COVID-19 vaccination like the world’s top institutions, Canada’s universities are making themselves the dunces of COVID-19

University of Victoria’s Indigenous law degree is a world first

The school’s new degree for a new era is based on old precedents

What really happened at Wilfrid Laurier University

Inside Lindsay Shepherd’s heroic, insulting, brave, destructive, possibly naïve fight for free speech
Navdeep Bains

Q&A: Navdeep Bains on selling ’superclusters’

The Liberal innovation minister on how he’ll pitch the ’supercluster’ plan, picking economic winners and what really motivates him