university salaries

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Student execs are being paid what?

Alberta student leaders to get 28.5% raise
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The million dollar president

UAlberta buys president’s house for $930,000
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Glass ceiling persists among scientists

Females with science PhDs earn up to 40% less than their male counterparts
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Knocking on the glass ceiling

Although female students have outnumbered their male counterparts for decades, male professors still rule the roost in academia

The high cost of status

Top administrator salaries point to universities’ pursuit of global recognition, and it’s hurting education quality
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Which uni presidents make more than Obama?

Compared to politicians, they’re overpaid. But compared to CEOs, they’re a bargain
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Who is Ontario’s most highly paid professor?

Highest paid are in business, medicine
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Financial crisis in the university sector? What crisis?

To look at the presidents’ paychecks, you’d never know universities were desperately short of cash
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College presidents: gaining on their more highly paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up