University trends

At U of T, a young woman was handcuffed after asking for help with her mental health (Photograph by Christopher Katsarov)

Inside the mental health crisis at Canadian universities

Students are at increasing risk of mental health problems, and universities are struggling in their efforts to respond
Massie and her dad, Jay, on the main campus of Yukon University in Whitehorse (Photograph by Crystal Schick)

How YukonU, the first university in northern Canada, is finding its way

A degree in First Nations governance is one of the main draws of Canada’s first university north of 60
Maryam performs a mock checkup on a doll (Photograph by Kiana Hayeri)

Midwifery is in demand, but increasing school program capacity isn’t easy

Midwives are in demand across Canada, and students are keen to train. But universities can only admit 150 annually.
Carson (right) and her mother, Kirsten Korchinsky, outside their Calgary home(Photograph by Leah Hennel)

University students remain closely tied to their parents—emotionally and otherwise

Forty-four per cent of students surveyed said their relationship with a parent was the most important one in their lives. Stacy Lee Kong explores why that is and what’s changed over the decades.