U.S. housing market


Housing bubble, take 2

As homes in hard-hit cities languish in foreclosure, U.S. housing prices are reaching dangerous new heights
Attack of the snowbirds

Canadian home buyers in the U.S.—saviours or carpertbaggers?

Verdict could have implications for the snowbirds
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U.S. housing boom, take two

America’s housing prices are rising, making homeowners feel richer. And that’s good for the economy.
A U.S. flag decorates a for-sale sign at a home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington

U.S. existing home sales slip unexpectedly in December

But the small dip likely reflects tight supply
Builders work on the roof of a new housing construction site in Alexandria

Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. housing market really is back

Housing starts came in at a post-2008 high
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Reality TV about housing makes a post-crash comeback

Networks are banking on a new cycle of housing shows
What $250,000 gets you in…Wilmington, NC

U.S. vacation homes for $250,000

Real estate is cheaper than ever in 15 popular vacation spots