House Votes On United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Trade Deal

Just like that, the ’Do Nothing Dems’ pass the USMCA

Thursday’s bipartisan gush of adulation for Trump was enough to make you wonder: didn’t they impeach this guy last night?

NAFTA, Impeachment: A Donald Trump doubleheader

Allen Abel in Washington: It really was the best of times and the worst of times for the U.S. president on Tuesday
Chrystia Freeland

Chrystia Freeland to sign new NAFTA deal with U.S., Mexico

U.S. ratification has been stalled for months

Make milk great again

Corey Mintz: Who has a bigger crush on Canada’s dairy farmers, Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer? Let’s compare their love letters to milk.
Trump Argentina G20 Summit

What happens if U.S. Congress fails to pass the new NAFTA deal?

The consequences for Canada could be bad—very bad, say experts. But not every scenario is bleak.
Nancy Pelosi

The new NAFTA is in danger of dying—from lack of interest in Washington

Replacing what Trump once called ’the worst trade deal ever made’ is taking a back seat to other interests—like impeaching the president

Save NAFTA? Check. What’s next for Canada’s top trade negotiator?

Steve Verheul was away from home constantly during NAFTA talks. But he’s been putting the business back into business travel—just ask the Americans.

Canada’s next NAFTA ’charm offensive’ won’t look like the last one

Canada’s pro-trade pressure campaign used to target mainly Republicans. With Democrats in control of the House, that now needs to change

Liberals enjoy strong support for their renegotiation of NAFTA

A new Maclean’s-Pollara poll finds the gains, going into an election year, are biggest in Ontario, and seem to take USMCA off the table for Tory attacks
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland

A new poll on the USMCA suggests Canadians are feeling deal-makers’ remorse

More respondents were disappointed with the deal than pleased with it, meaning a presumptive plus for the Liberals could be a liability