Venus Williams


The best photos from the Rogers Cup, Days 8 and 9

The weekend’s top shots from the Canadian tennis tournament, leading up to today’s finals
Two steps back

Two steps back

From Julian Assange to RIM–this year’s reversals of fortune

Newsmakers: September 1-8, 2011

Bieber goes Hollywood, Big Buff goes off his diet, and Bibi’s wife faces new staff abuse allegations
Star search

Why women’s tennis needs more superstars

A good old-fashioned rivalry at the top could provide a real boost to the next generation of stars
Missing image


Hugo Chávez plays traffic cop, Naomi Campbell goes to The Hague, and Venus puts the ’French’ in French Open
Richard Williams

Richard Williams, Venus and Serena’s famous father, on creating champions

From 2009: The former coach also discusses, his critics, parenting, and the problem with tennis