How one Ontario couple downsized into a tiny home on Vancouver Island

The pair gave up plenty of possessions to move into a modern 360-square-foot tiny home near Victoria.
Low Angle View Of Seagulls Flying Against Sky

Are west coast seagulls really bigger jerks than their east coast cousins?

A Nova Scotia man once banned from a B.C. hotel for letting pepperoni-feasting seagulls destroy his room claims Maritime gulls would never do that. An ornithologist says otherwise.
Women’s march in Canada

A crash course in how the feds could improve gender equality

Anne Kingston: The real lessons in a ranking of best cities for women: that the gender gap persists across Canada—and the solutions are staring us in the face

The ’rock star’ wolf of Juan de Fuca

Victoria’s handsome, island-hopping wolf has no shortage of admirers, but his Aboriginal protectors say he needs space

Free the bunnies: Why B.C. rabbits are being airlifted to Texas

How harebrained rabbit owners created a crisis involving airlifts, a Texas sanctuary—and tens of thousands of dollars
Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 2.26.01 PM

Photos: Prince George and Princess Charlotte party in B.C.

Noted at the Government House children’s party: Bubbles, balloons and a dog named Moose
A kindness meter on the street in Victoria, BC. (Melanie Z. Kilpatrick)

Why ’kindness meters’ are a horrible way to deal with panhandlers

An new approach to dealing with panhandlers is catching on. But they fail to live up to the ’kindness’ in the name.

What it feels like to pick up Hitchbot the hitchhiker

Would you stop and offer HitchBOT a ride? The Canadian hitchhiking robot, who car-hopped all the way from Halifax to Victoria during the summer of 2014, makes for one quirky passenger. This is what it’s like to pick up HitchBOT.

What it feels like to play box lacrosse with the Victoria Shamrocks

Join the Victoria Shamrocks in the rink for an intense game of box lacrosse. Here’s your chance to see all the action from the players’ perspective, including a fierce shot on goal.