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Canada’s health-care wait times hit new record high, again

Opinion: Long wait times have become the defining characteristic of Canadian health care
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How health wait times fell off the Harper government’s radar

The Conservatives’ response is dead on arrival
When it comes to waiting, Canada is last in line

When it comes to waiting for health care, Canada is last in line

A major international survey says Canadians wait longer for health care
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Wait, where did all the money go?

Harper launched a $612-million plan to remedy wait times in 2007
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Most exclusive PM interview ever

Stephen Harper from five years ago has a few questions for his present-day alter ego
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The health debate beyond the Danny Williams story

Why Canada should be looking for ways to adapt, not revolutionize, health care
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Pay-as-you-go pilot cuts wait times

Last year four hospitals tried a new payment model. It’s working.