war in Afghanistan

The shady business of paying Omar Khadr

Khadr deserves to get on with his life, but Ottawa did everything wrong with his $10.5 million payout. This is going to leave a mark.

The anatomy of Harjit Sajjan’s Afghanistan operation apology

The Minister of National Defence expressed ‘regret’ for his claim to be the ‘architect’ of a key mission—but not before he missed an earlier opportunity to clarify

Final Canadian troops depart for Kabul

Tease the day: Soldiers bouyed by idealism as they train Afghan troops

Rewiring Trevor Greene’s brain

The former soldier survived an axe attack in Afghanistan, now he’s defying the limits of science in his recovery

Teaching Afghan kids to skateboard

Is this the coolest charity ever?

NATO: Death by a thousand little spending cuts?

Can a debt-ridden U.S. still afford to pick up the cheque?


Obama spells out the end of the Afghan war and Taliban responds with deadly suicide bomb

In a pop-up visit to Kabul marking the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, President Barack Obama spelled out the end of the war in Afghanistan yesterday.


ICC weighing Canada probe

Court may investigate treatment of Afghan detainees


War’s deadliest ground attack kills Canadian soldier in Afghanistan

Harper acknowledges “significant risk” even in non-combat mission

No longer reporting for duty

No longer reporting for duty

Dismissed by the Canadian Forces, Robert Semrau begins the next stage of life—as a civilian


Wikileaks: handle with care

So says busy CF Capt. Bruce Rolston, dashing off a message that says “context…will have to wait” before immediately providing some useful context. Wikileaks refers to the data dump as a “diary”; but when we normally encounter this term, what’s being referred to is a continuous narrative record kept by a single person and updated and corrected on the fly. The “Afghan war diary” is more like a scrapbook of initial event reports, assembled with little post-hoc correction and with a certain amount of non-expert annotation and categorization. There is value in piercing and documenting the fog of war, but there’s a reason they use the term “fog”. Documenting it is not the same thing as dispersing it.