Werner Herzog

Lights, cameras, mass murder

Perpetrators relive their genocide onscreen in ’The Act of Killing’

Werner Herzog produces a shocking documentary on Indonesia

The horror, the horror: ’The Act of Killing’ makes history

One of the most buzzed about films at TIFF is a documentary featuring real-life Indonesian death squad leaders

Nazis invade from the dark side of the moon!

If you do just one thing today, it should be to watch the trailer for ’Iron Sky’
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Arianna Huffington’s new gig, Knut the polar bear goes nutty, and a princess’s contentious walk down the aisle
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Nutty actor meets ideal director

Werner Herzog lets Nicolas Cage off the leash as a crack-addict cop in ‘Bad Lieutenant’
The bubbly Gabourey Sidibe

Top 10 Best Moments at TIFF

Kudos to the stars of ’Precious,’ stylish Jennifer Connelly and to George Clooney and Chris Rock for telling it like it is