Crews work on maintaining snow grooming machinery. (Photograph by Jimmy Jeong)

Welcoming the (vaccinated) world back to Whistler

After a long wait during the pandemic, the largest destination ski resort in North America is preparing to welcome vaccinated skiers back to the slopes

Why a lot of B.C. skiers are kissing Whistler goodbye

A takeover by a U.S. giant Vail Resorts drove prices from high to stratospheric, say Vancouver snow mavens. Then there’s the whole Fahrenheit thing.

Women come out on top at the Whistler Film Festival

At a festival bent on empowering women, ’Miss Sloane’ director John Madden explains how Jessica Chastain’s lobbyist is right at home in the Trump Age

What it feels like to snowboard at Whistler

If you haven’t made it to Canada’s snowboard mecca yet, this shows you what Whistler is all about. Head out on the hill with snowboarder Braden Dean as he rides through the trees, catches some air and enjoys life on Whistler Mountain.

What it feels like to ski at Whistler

Come along for the ride as this expert skier goes off-trail and carves some tracks in fresh powder at Whistler, Canada’s premier ski and snowboard destination.
UBC whistler lodge

UBC students may sell lodge in Whistler

Ski and Board club members divided over value
Doggone mystery

Whistler’s sled dog massacre

Experts accustomed to probing human mass graves in war zones investigate the slaughter of dozens of dogs
whistler by Morisawa81

Would you attend Whistler U?

Developer envisions tourism and business programs
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This week: Good news, bad news

Barack Obama and Stephen Harper agree to discuss border security, while Silvio Berlusconi’s political career hangs by a thread
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My New City

The Games didn’t change Vancouver and Canada—rather, they reflected a change that had already occurred in us