Like Kinect, but better: WiSee startup uses WiFi signals to read hand gestures

Imagine sitting on your couch at home and, with the wave of an arm, turning up the volume on your stereo, or flipping the channel on a television set across the room. A few more hand waves could shut off the lights in distant rooms, or cause a fireplace to blaze to life.

Big league WIFI

Brooklyn basketball nets WIFI

Sports stadiums want to enter the smartphone era. The challenge: connecting 100,000 fans.

Using homeless people as WiFi hotspots

A Texas company is selling this as a ‘charitable innovation initiative’

Does WiFi pose health risks?

If you fear WiFi, you may also want to steer clear of baby powder


On the run from radio frequencies

Some Canadians go to great lengths to escape waves of radiation from electronics that are considered harmless

Good news

Good news, bad news: July 28-August 4

Shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords returns to Congress for the U.S. debt vote, tens of thousands of Somalis flee famine in Kenya


‘That this is even a debate in the 21st century should concern any educated person’

Brian Dunning responds to Elizabeth May’s wi-fi concerns.


‘I think the controversy has created a good teaching moment’

Elizabeth May explains, at length, her feelings about electromagnetic radiation.

In the air tonight

The fallout from Elizabeth May’s wifi fears


An IP address is not a person

‘Skooky840’ is a good neighbour; he or she doesn’t lock their WiFi. When my Internet connection is out, I hop on theirs until I get things sorted. I’m not sure why they don’t protect their signal with a password. Maybe they can’t figure out how to. Maybe they can’t be bothered. Or maybe, like some folks I know, Skooky840 leaves their signal open to be polite, as a courtesy to neighbours like me. As long as we don’t abuse it and run up their bills, hey- why not? I’d love to thank Skooky840 for making my life a little easier and our street a little friendlier, but I don’t know who they are. A WiFi signal, like the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with it, is not a person.


WiFi on Steroids: Could ‘White Space’ save Canada’s Internet?

A Texan grandma is years ahead of any Canadian, technologically speaking. She was the first to tap into a fledgling White Space broadband network, using technology that could allow broadband WiFi access to be blanketed over entire populations, much like a radio station’s signal.