William and Kate

Prince George Of Cambridge First Birthday

Why a large family makes sense for the royals

The announcement that William and Kate are expecting a second child can be explained by their famous closeness with their own siblings
Britain Royals

The Royal baby will make you rich (if you’re lucky)

No economy-wide boost expected from William and Kate’s newborn
Birthing pains

The biggest celebrity baby in history?

Kate and William’s child will be the first royal baby to be born into the age of social media. #goodluck
Good News

This week: Good news, bad news

Winnipeg gets its Jets back, while Greece gets its back up
Hail to the chief organizer

Hail to the royal visit’s chief organizer

Sixteen-hour days, multiple cross-country tours and delicate negotiations are de rigueur as Kevin MacLeod plots William and Kate’s first tour of Canada
Who will be king of Canada?

Who will be king of Canada?

Now they’re both in waiting. Whoever prevails, there’s never been a better time to renew our royal roots

Where the real wedding party’s at

Forget official royal invites. You’d rather watch with these ladies.

This Week: Newsmakers

Madonna’s newest epiphany, Stephen Harper’s women problem, and signs of sanity from Jan Brewer
On the outside looking in

Fergie on the outside looking in

Sarah Ferguson’s cash grab cost her an invite to the wedding. Still, she serves a higher purpose.

Knit your own royal wedding

The fun of this project is in the details—even the medals were vetted for accuracy