Winston Churchill

Prime Minister King shown here with President Roosevelt in September 1944. The two leaders took part in a press conference confirming that Canada will be a partner in the coming undertakings against Japan (Toronto Star Archives/Getty Images)

What Mackenzie King’s diaries reveal about the day Franklin Delano Roosevelt died

Neville Thompson: Churchill and Roosevelt not only respected King as a ’highly-skilled and dependable head of a vital country but enjoyed his company and confided frankly in him. They had no idea that he was recording it all in his diary.’

What fights about ’erasing’ history are really about

Canada’s debate about whom and what we remember requires shared sets of facts, ideas and stories—a canon on which we can all rely. It’s time for us to rethink that canon, writes Murad Hemmadi.
Winston Churchill

Donald Trump has more in common with Winston Churchill than you think

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The Trump-Trudeau summit: a mixed bag of unflattering photos and manly handshakes

Great quotation! But who really said it?

From ‘Beam me up, Scotty,’ to, ‘Nice guys finish last,’ we love to use quotations. Except we use them all wrong, it turns out.
Winston Churchill's finest hours

Winston Churchill’s finest hours

The much-quoted British politician still makes headlines—47 years after his death

David Cameron comes to Ottawa

The British PM channels Churchill in his first bilateral visit to Canada