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Dentist with microscope glasses during a root canal intervention

Women need health and dental care to stay out of prison

A new study reveals that basic health care, both in prison and on release, is essential to ensure successful reintegration into society

Are we winning the fight against cancer in women?

Overall, Canadian women are 13 per cent less likely to die from cancer now than two decades ago—but fatality rates for some types, like lung cancer, remain the same

Don’t blame Gwyneth Paltrow, blame the medical status quo

The “wellness” industry boom has stirred much debate, but Anne Kingston argues that the real problem to address is the ongoing medical gender gap that is leaving women frustrated.
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From kitchen spice to contraceptive

Modified in the lab, the Indian curry spice curcumin ’may be better than a condom’

Consumerism affected by menstrual cycle

Study shows women may eat more and gussy themselves up at certain times of the month
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Students confused by emergency contraception

40 per cent would give incomplete advice

Reverse sexism at Simon Fraser

Long live the Men’s Centre
On labour, how epidurals changed childbirth, and why women don’t have to push so much

Women don’t have to push so much

Dr. Aaron Caughey on labour and how epidurals changed childbirth
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Women’s health may be in decline

Signs of setbacks identified in the U.S.