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Why Harrison Browne couldn’t retire from women’s hockey

Having resolved to transition from female to male, a hockey star makes a tough call—one more season
Noora Tulus Emma Nuutinen  Emerance Maschmeyer

Two big wins shake up women’s hockey

A successful holdout by U.S. players was good for the sport. Patriotism aside, so was Finland’s shocking defeat of Canada.
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Sochi: Agosta goals blow down Team U.S.A.

Canada women’s hockey veteran does all the giving on her 27th birthday
Canada’s Agosta-Marciano celebrates her goal against Finland with teammate Ouellette during the third period of their women’s ice hockey game at the Sochi 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Too close for comfort

The Canadian women’s hockey team gets a scare from the Finns

Women’s hockey: Target practice fun for Canada, but not much of a test

Hot goalie prevents Canada from scoring "10 or 12 goals," says Wickenheiser
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Hayley Wickenheiser on men’s versus women’s hockey

And why her son doesn’t like the game
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The Star Rookies

Women’s hockey is in good hands in Canada—maybe too good for the game’s Olympic future
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The Best—and Worst

SCOTT FESCHUK: Judging various elements of the Vancouver Olympics using a numerical ranking from zero to 10
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Top 10 best moments of the Vancouver Olympic Games

Curling fans, Norway’s pants and Joannie Rochette make the list