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Greta Thunberg steps on a lot of well-shod toes

Image of the Week: The world’s best-known climate crusader made the Davos elite squirm, with the help of Indigenous activist Autumn Peltier. But is embarrassment enough?
Switzerland Davos Forum

Justin Trudeau tells the world’s richest men about gender equality

Only one-fifth of delegates to the World Economic Forum are women
World Economic Forum 2016

Justin Trudeau on dads taking care of babies, and other economic policy issues

John Geddes on the three points from the PM’s Davos speech—on trade, technology, and, yes, newborns—that deserve a little unpacking
Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s false Davos dichotomy

After a fracas over his vacation, Justin Trudeau says he will not be going to Davos. But that’s doing Canada a disservice.
Justin Trudeau, Naheed Nenshi

Trudeau’s pitch for Brand Canada in a Trumped-up world

Trudeau hopes to convince global investors that Canada is a safe harbour against the forces of protectionism and nationalism, but will they listen?
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Katie Telford in his Centre B

Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days

From free-falling oil to terrorism, the Liberal government has already had its share of woes
The Canadian Opportunity: Justin Trudeau

Scott Gilmore at Davos: The vanity fair comes to an end

Unpacking the World Economic Forum’s wild parties, meaningless buzzwords, and lack of diversity
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Because it’s 2016: Talking gender parity in Davos

For the record, a transcript from Davos from a panel on gender parity

Scott Gilmore at Davos: Elites like refugees, but not Trump

What’s being said at the World Economic Forum about Donald Trump and his odds of success
House of Cards

Watch: In conversation with Kevin Spacey in Davos

The actor and director discusses his acclaimed performance in the series House of Cards and the theatricality of American politics in this election year