CA: Lions Gate Premiere Of “See No Evil” – Arrivals

Why wrestlers like Kane have a strange hold on American voters

If politics is theatre, then no candidate is more authentic than the new mayor of Knoxville, Tenn.

How wrestling saved Andrew Stott’s life

Andrew Stott is a professional wrestler who goes by the name Superstar Shayne Hawke. Growing up in Montreal, he was steeped in the Spandex-clad hijinks of professional wrestling. It was a pastime, an obsession and finally a career. It also saved his life.
Player Uno tastes Shayne Hawkes’s boots. (Photograph by Martin Patriquin)

Inside the crazy, rowdy world of pro wrestling in Montreal

Text and photographs by Quebec bureau chief Martin Patriquin
Photo of Norm Kenney for Obit. Sue Doucet

Norman James Kenney, 1951-2016

A wild child, he left school in Grade 6. He worked with Stampede Wrestling (‘Mr. X’ in the ring), and later as a bus driver.
Ultimate Warrior, James Hellwig

’Push yourself to total self-destruction’

The Ultimate Warrior, wrestling’s mad genius, passes on in a nimbus of glory
Darren Young

Wrestling world embraces first openly gay wrestler in WWE

Wrestling star Darren Young comes out in interview with TMZ
Andree Forest helps Sarah Thiessen in the Bike Lab

Campus life at the University of Winnipeg

A photographic tour of the campus in Manitoba’s capital
WWE Monday Night Raw Wrestling

WWE keeps on rolling—in cash

When it comes to making money, the Hogan era is no match for today’s men in tights
Canada’s Tonya Lynn Verbeek (L) wrestles

Tonya Verbeek’s silver lining

Canada’s best women’s wrestler is content to have tried her best, even if she came up short