you know how sick i am of typing the phrase green shift


UPDATED – Green Grow the Lawsuits, O: Green Shift Inc.’s Statement of Claim

… in annoyingly uncopypasteable PDF format for now, but I’ll try to have the text up later, as it’s a reasonably clean scan and shouldn’t be too much of a nightmare to clean up the OCR.


The party’s not for shifting

Statement from the Liberal Party on the Green Shift lawsuit after the jump. It’s not yet available online, so I’ve included the full text. I’ll do the same if/when Green Shift Inc. puts out a release, or – better still – makes the statement of claim available on the website, which would save me typing out the whole thing:


Turns out there’s big money in shifty business: Liveblogging the Green Shift Inc. press conference

UPDATE: This Canadian Press story is a fabulous backgrounder, and will make the news conference make considerably more sense – well, as far as the questions go.