Don’t they have process servers for this? Liveblogging the administrative details of the Green Suit lawsuit (maybe)

10:01:16 AM

10:01:16 AM
Well, I’m here at Liberal Party headquarters, standing outside with a medium-sized media throng and awaiting the arrival of Jennifer Wright, the founder of Green Shift Inc., who is preparing to launch her legal battle against the Liberal Party today. This is just the pre-presser photo-op—we’re not even sure that we’ll be allowed inside the building, and somehow I doubt the Liberals will send an emissary down for a civilized sidewalk handover of the promised documents.

Incidentally, I managed to get caught in not one but two ceremonial changings of the guards this morning, which is why I was very nearly late. Thanks, War Memorial Desecrator; you’ve now given Ottawans another reason to react to the sound of bagpipes with a Pavlovian shudder and insta-re-routing.

10:08:09 AM

I’m not sure if anyone actually knows what Jennifer Wright looks like, which is why we’re all craning our necks (and in some cases, cameras and boom mics) at every hapless pedestrian who seems to be headed this way. Especially if they’re wearing green, as that poor woman trying to go to the drugstore across the street just found out, to her obvious dismay.

10:10:42 AM
I am shocked – shocked – that as yet, there is no sign of the much-vaunted Conservative Research Group camera crew. C’mon, guys, you had two days notice. Why aren’t you here to capture this less-than-magical moment in the ongoing misadventures of the Liberal Party? Where are the oily-shirted interns? Not a single complaint will I heed from y’all in the future about that Elections Canada thing—here’s your chance, and you’re nowhere to be found.

While I was in the middle of typing that, by the way, Patrick Muttart walked by. He’ll make this happen!

10:14:57 AM
A split second of panic – did she somehow sneak past us? And, if so, why?

Okay, now we’re inside and… Getting in the elevator? I think most emphatically not!

10:17:52 AM
And here she is! Accompanied by Michael Krauss, who is handing out copies of the statement of claim in the lobby.

10:20:03 AM
And now w’re upstairs – in the heart of Liberal darkness! I can practically feel the lust for power radiating from reception area!

10:20:57 AM
The handover has taken place to a rather nonplussed receptionist. And Jennifer Wright is now scrumming in the Liberal Party’s lobby, which is actually awfully nice of the Liberals to allow, considering that she’s suing them, and this is their property.

10:24:00 AM
And she’s gone, disappeared into the elevator with her mini-entourage. The statement is under embargo, so I’m not going to say much more until we get back to the Hill, and the press conference starts. This will have to suffice.