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Trudeau needs to be this election’s big man on campus

John Geddes: High turnout among young voters helped Trudeau mightily in 2015 and he is bidding to recapture some of that magic in this fall’s campaign
Kevin O’Leary

Can Conservatives really reach out to young Canadians?

If Kevin O’Leary wants to win over young voters, he may want to borrow from the Liberal playbook on economic issues
A woman reacts during a referendum results party at the Lexington pub in London.

What does Brexit reveal about a global generational divide?

Three-quarters of 18-24 year olds voted to stay in the European Union. The younger the voter, the more likely they were to vote to remain.
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Why we should give children the vote

Here’s one fix for youth voter apathy. Don’t wait till they’re 18; start them at 4. Sarmishta Subramanian on why we should #Givekidsthevote.

Calling out first-time voters, one by one

Just talking to youth about voting might encourage them to act

Chart: How do your kids vote?

This is what happens when you let kids cast a ballot: results that are surprisingly true to reality

What did high-school students think of the Maclean’s debate?

We talk a lot about youth engagement. So CIVIX put it to high-school students directly: What did you think of each leader’s performance at #macdebate?
Adrian Dix

The meaning of Adrian Dix’s defeat

Progressives: Be tough and get young people to vote for you
Centre stage

How Trudeau’s leadership run set up the 2015 campaign

The new leader of the Liberals revealed more during the race than anyone expected
Obama and Reddit

Ask Obama anything?

The president takes on Reddit