My Prediction: Netflix and YouTube will balk at restrictive CanCon rules

In the face of confusing new legislation, streaming companies and influencers will take their business elsewhere

Why YouTubers like me oppose Bill C-11

Canadian creators are at risk of having their content and visibility diminished by the passing of the Online Streaming Act, says YouTuber J.J. McCullough, who recently opposed Bill C-11 in Parliament.
James’s channel includes a series on ‘How to build a rustic log cabin,’ with videos on putting in door frames, insulation and avoiding injury.

These Canadians are roughing it on YouTube for millions of fans

With their chickens, preserves and off-grid adventures on full display, Canada’s homesteading YouTubers are escaping the ills of modern life—in a thoroughly modern format
(Courtesy of Glen Powell)

How a Canadian Depression-era recipe went viral during the 2020 pandemic

Peanut butter bread, anyone? The recipe’s leap from the pages of a vintage Canadian cookbook to internet fame was the work of Torontonian Glen Powell, star of the YouTube channel Glen & Friends Cooking.

What Cristine Rotenberg would do with an extra day

2020 is a leap year. What would a Canadian YouTube star with more than 7 million subscribers do on the extra day? She’d go into ghost mode.
Lina Lecompte (Instagram/lina.lecompte)

How these Canadian influencers balance an audience of thousands with university

How do you cope with a sizeable social media following along with a full university course load? We asked three influencers.

The Canadian YouTube star with a day job at the federal government

Cristine Rotenberg has nearly seven million subscribers who watch her comedic videos. But from Monday to Friday, she crunches data for StatsCan.

YouTube’s plan to fight conspiracy theories only exposes a crisis of authority

YouTube has tapped Wikipedia to combat dubious videos with facts—revealing how hard it’s become to determine truth amid an ocean of information online
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Can you keep your kids safe watching YouTube?

If you do allow your child to use YouTube, warn them that they may find material by accident that is upsetting
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Why we need to regulate social media – before it’s too late

Opinion: Governments and citizens should consider the lack of oversight into how tech companies shape speech rights