Antony's yurt, located outside of Dawson City, Yukon. (Photograph provided by Melissa Antony)

Why I moved my family into a yurt in the Yukon

Melissa Antony was priced out of the housing market, so she imported a traditional Mongolian home—and has never been happier

(Illustration by Selena Wong)

Whitehorse’s historic Martha Black Mayday tree is dying—but its seedlings may help it live on

Hundreds of seedlings from one doomed tree will sprout this year around Whitehorse, keeping the iconic plant’s legacy alive

People celebrate with fireworks in Old Crow, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, after a day of vaccinations. (Charyl Charlie)

A vaccination success story in the far North

A team of immunizers faced hours of delays as they headed north to Old Crow, Yukon. They were treated to caribou stew, an overwhelming turnout and a jubilant celebration.

Dawson City, by the Yukon and Klondike rivers, has struggled to build a proper wastewater plant (Agnesstreet/iStock)

The home of the Klondike gold flush

After a judge forced historic Dawson City to fix its raw-sewage problem, the never-ending quest to build a system that works—and doesn’t bankrupt the place—has even Yukon’s premier saying ‘WTF’

The caribou herd that’s flourishing in Canada

The Porcupine caribou herd’s population is rising while other herds are seeing massive declines. But their success story is facing a new threat.

The numbers behind the Yukon earthquake

Just how common are earthquakes like the one that shook the border between B.C. and Yukon?

Inside the wild Canadian past of the Trump family

Before there was a Trump Tower, there was a gold-rush hotel in Bennett, Yukon, where the Trump family dynasty began

Royal tour 2016: When protocol goes out the window

Dispensing with regal etiquette, the Yukon greeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with natural warmth and beauty

How to preserve Indigenous languages for the next generation

William and Kate will see the latest tool in an Indigenous linguistic arsenal in Whitehorse

William and Kate’s royal tour of Canada

The bare-bones itinerary has been released. Strap in, there’s a lot of flying.

In the Klondike, a gold rush becomes an old rush

From 2015: Discoveries of gold and ancient fossils go hand in hand in the Yukon. But the mammoth tusk trade has a dark side.

Photo essay: Running with the caribou herds

Peter Mather travels hundreds of kilometres every year to photograph the migrating Porcupine caribou