And to Think, Entertainment Weekly Panned Us

Yes, finally, a Duckman DVD, September 16. The first two seasons, which, as the linked news item says, add up to a full season of 22 episodes. Highlights include three appearances by Duckman’s arch-nemesis King Chicken (who comes up with insanely elaborate evil-genius plans to get revenge on Duckman for making fun of him in school), particularly “Inherit the Judgment: The Dope’s Trial,” where Duckman is put on trial for heresy when he claims that the egg came before the chicken. (“It’s heresy to challenge their theory of chicken creationism,” explains Duckman’s partner Cornfed.) Also, the Ben Stiller clip show I mentioned in a previous post, and the episode whose plot was ripped off from an episode of “Taxi.”

The first season used music by Frank Zappa, who died while the show was in production. Knowing Paramount’s track record, I wouldn’t expect much of it to survive the transition to DVD. The second season and subsequent seasons didn’t use much music, though.

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