Bones' Awesome European Vacation

Reports from the Banff World Television Festival are being filed by Diane Kristine, by Will Dixon, and photo uploads by Megan Cole.

The big news so far is that Fox has bought the rights to make a U.S. <strike>clone</strike> adaptation of Little Mosque on the Prairie, but keep checking those blogs for news you won’t see elsewhere, including Will’s current post on master classes with the showrunners of Friday Night Lights and Bones.

Turns out that Bones will be starting its fourth season in the time-honoured tradition of shows that have made it that far: an overseas trip!

They will be kicking off Bones Season 4 with a two-parter set in London, England…a good idea at the time that he said has proven to be logistical and creative nightmare, but he was leaving tomorrow for the UK to oversee the shooting of it. Best of luck my friend.

I seriously love it when a show does an “on location” episode. These episodes aren’t usually the best of the series, if only because they’re so hard to plan and write and shoot, and they may have a slight negative ripple effect on other episodes in the season (because the extra budget for the location shoot needs to be made up somewhere else). And the timing is sometimes a bit off in the new setting, like that Frasier episode where they actually shot in Seattle. But it’s such fun to see a show take place in a location you’re not used to seeing on North American TV — meaning, somewhere other than L.A., New York, Vancouver, etc., plus the usual soundstages. (Part of the appeal of Friday Night Lights, which Jason Katims gets into a bit in Will’s post, is that it avoids soundstage shooting and films entirely on location in a setting we don’t see on TV very often.) And it’s always fun to see the actors adjust to an unfamiliar location.

None of this, however, excuses Family Ties Vacation.

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