BTC: How Andrew Coyne is like Barack Obama

From David McGuinty’s scrum this afternoon.

“Wait, if you wait until, if you wait until tomorrow, you’re going to get a very good and solid breakdown on how we intend to price carbon, where we intend to price carbon, what it’ll apply to, over what phased-in period.  It’s a very, very intelligent and well crafted plan.  And that is why Mr. Harper is so desperately afraid of the growth capacity for this idea.  It’s a coalition in Canadian society.  We have David Suzuki agreeing with Andrew Coyne, we have David Frum agreeing with Elizabeth May.  The right and the left, those old clichés of the past are over when it comes to dealing with the only atmosphere we have. 

“They’re desperately afraid of the fact that a new groundswell coalition in Canadian society is coming up saying you know what?  We want to hear more about this because the status quo isn’t going to take us there and they aren’t going to take us there.  And everybody knows it.  Eleven independent groups have looked at the plan and said it’s nonsense.  Stop playing.  If they’re so sure about their plan, then why aren’t they actually presenting it?”

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