BTC: The health hazards of covering the House

No column today on account of a rather nasty cold. One note though before crawling back into bed.

On Friday, in response to a question from Ralph Goodale, James Moore repeated that Chuck Cadman was being courted in hopes of his returning to the Conservative side. Only this time, Mr. Moore added a personal note.

“Mr. Speaker, Chuck Cadman was always welcome to rejoin the Conservative caucus. As a matter of fact, after that vote there were a number of times when I saw Chuck Cadman around and I would tell him he was welcome back to our party any time.”

According to Like A Rock, Chuck and his wife, Dona, flew from Ottawa to Vancouver on May 20, the day after the infamous vote. His health deteriorated quickly after that and he was dead six weeks later. And, as we learn on page 288, “Chuck never did return to Ottawa after the big budget vote.”

When, then, did Mr. Moore see Mr. Cadman?

I’ve e-mailed Mr. Moore twice now—once on Friday night and again today—seeking clarification, but have yet to hear from him.

(Objection! Relevance? Goes to the credibility of the witness.)

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