BTC: When a raid is a visit is a raid

Interesting argument from Chantal Hebert today.

By calling in the RCMP to assist them in executing a warrant against the governing party, election officials had to know that they were hanging the Conservatives out to dry, creating a perception of guilt that will not be easily dissipated and a sense of wrongdoing that may yet not live up to the facts.

Surely the Conservatives appreciate the support. Or surely they would. If they hadn’t already dismissed the involvement of the RCMP. 

Once more to our conversation with the anonymous Conservative.

The RCMP has nothing to do with this, first of all … The RCMP has, and you can look into that, Elections Canada has a memorandum of understanding with the RCMP to do their enforcement work. So as to basically relieve from having Elections Canada to have their own enforcement agency. So this has nothing to do with the RCMP. The RCMP has been clear on this, that this is not a RCMP investigation. They were there on behalf of Elections Canada.

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