Countdown to the end

The Obama campaign is now sending out a trickle of emails announcing superdelegate endorsements and a running tally of what he needs to cross the finish line of 2,118. The latest one says 31.5 delegates away from the nomination. Obama plans a big speech tonight, but the Hillary Clinton camp has been sending mixed messages about whether or not she will bow out. Obama is expected to win Montana, but Clinton could still win South Dakota. Should be an interesting night at the theatre.

The next bit question: who will be Obama’s running mate? There is a lot of pressure for putting Hillary on the ticket, and if not her, then another woman. I still think an Obama-Clinton ticket would be an unlikely outcome, and certainly counter to Obama’s “change/Washington outsider” theme (and what would they do with Bill**?) If I had to bet, I’d put my money on a white guy with national security experience. Here is one person’s argument for picking Wes Clark.

** Note that the Vanity Fair story that so offended Bill rehashes the Belinda Stronach stuff and the raises the Frank Giustra stuff. Talk about Canadian Content.

Update: AP calls the delegate count for Obama.

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