Debatably relevant historical note of the day

Four times in our history has a federal election come within a year of the last one. Two saw a formal change in government, one saw a switch in the standings of the top two parties (the complicated matter and aftermath of the King-Byng affair) and the other saw a dramatic increase in the standing of the ruling party.

1925 Conservatives 115, Liberals 100 (Liberal minority)
1926 Liberals 116, Conservatives 91 (Liberal minority)

1957 Conservatives 111, Liberals 104 (Conservative minority)
1958 Conservatives 208, Liberals 48 (Conservative majority)

1962 Conservatives 116, Liberals 99 (Conservative minority)
1963 Liberals 128, Conservatives 95 (Liberal minority)

1979 Conservatives 136, Liberals 114 (Conservative minority)
1980 Liberals 147, Conservatives 103 (Liberal majority)

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