Definition challenge: The voting

UPDATE: SeanStok wins! Take an e-bow, Sean. Thanks to all for your definitions and your votes: the Monday caption challenge resumes in the new year.

Using only my instincts (and the bones of 14 chickens), I’ve selected three finalists for the 2009 Definition Challenge. Do what you will with them. Winner gets a $50 Amazon.ca gift certificate and, in the spirit of the holidays, a purple nurple*.

* Gift certificate optional.

Meanwhile, the caption challenge and mailbag are taking a holiday hiatus. The merriest of the season to you all. I’ll be the guy at the mall cursing your eternal soul when you get to the cash register, wait for the your purchases to be tallied and only then – after the total has been announced – go to the trouble of digging out your wallet… as though there were some chance your purchases would total zero dollars.

The finalists are:

poilievre vb. to incessantly yap: Mr. Harper ultimately had to return his adopted Yorkshire Terrier to the dog shelter since it would not stop poilievring every time the doorbell rang. – Anon Liberal

balsillie vb. An attempt to join a gathering despite strong objections: Feschuk resolved to Balsillie his way into the Maclean’s staff holiday party. – SeanStok (Blogger’s note: There was a Maclean’s staff holiday party??)

nordegren vb. to get half; to seek half; Scandinavian version of the previous old American English “Carson”: Before Billy could unwrap his Snickers bar, Sally had nordegrenned it. – Richard

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