election08: caption challenge #2

We probably won’t be doing one of these every day, and we certainly will be straying from the genre of Stephen Harper vs. Defenceless Child, but this photograph seems to have some potential:

Submit your captions below. The winner, as selected by special guest judge Kady O’Malley, will receive the unforgettable prize of Something From My House. Previous winners have received in the mail such precious keepsakes as a salt shaker, a used DVD and a box of dryer sheets. What treasures!

But today? Today brings the rare spectacle of an actual prize actually worth having: a six-inch Obama action figure purchased by me in Boston, and still sealed in its original packaging. The Democratic nominee even has his index finger extended so you can point it toward… the future!

Perhaps for ensuing challenges of this nature, the fine people at Maclean’s global HQ will be generous enough to offer up some appropriate swag, such as a Maclean’s hat or a Maclean’s mug or a Paul Wells.

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