election08: caption challenge #8 (special non-special edition)

The Conservative party’s platform, released yesterday, is actually entitled The True North Strong and Free. Although I ask you: if Stephen Harper wanted to be really patriotic, if he wanted to truly mine the deepest depths of Canadiana, wouldn’t he have also gone to the trouble of tattooing the platform onto Farley Mowat’s back fat?

I say yes.

As a matter of historical interest, the rejected titles for the platform include:

  • You’ll Go Waltzing Matilda With Me
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Desperation
  • The Red Book, But Blue
  • Uncle Steve’s Scary Bedtime Story About the Dangerous Young Recidivist
  • Nothing to See Here
  • Global Warming, Global Schmarming
  • Hobonomics: Life in Canada’s 21st Century Economy

Meanwhile, with election day just one week away, it’s time for another caption challenge:

Today’s winner, to be determined by special guest judge Paul Wells, will receive the gift of being held eternally in high esteem by all who bear witness to this blog. Also just an incredible amount of chocolate, some of it shaped like things.

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