For All You Fergie Olver Fans Across the World

Anybody remember Just Like Mom? I can’t be the only one who watched any cheap Canadian-made game show if there was nothing else on at the time. (For cripe’s sake, I watched Pitfall, and found out only later that it had been canceled years before I ever saw it.) Anyway, the co-host of the show, Fergie Olver, was someone we knew from Blue Jays sportscasts. As a game show host, he was very much in the Gene Rayburn/Richard Dawson tradition, but with a strange extra layer of creepiness, due to 1) The fact that he was complimenting and kissing little girls, and 2) his soothing Mr. Rogers tone of voice. And someone has put together a montage of creepy Fergie moments; it’s been up for a while now, but I only saw it today via New York magazine. Proving once again that Canada doesn’t exist until the U.S. says it does.


I must say, I never noticed the creepiness when I was watching the show at the time; all I really noticed was that the show was kind of boring. I think I preferred Bumper Stumpers.

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