Great split-seconds in rock history

Today’s task: identify moments from rock songs that are all kinds of awesome

Since the Internet was created solely to aid in our workplace procrastination, thereby undermining our collective productivity and allowing the less advantaged citizens of China and India to gain economic ground in pursuit of the same middle-class fulfillment that drives many of us to the ritual use of psychotropic drugs, let’s indulge. Today’s task: identify great moments from great rock songs – not just the songs themselves, but the split second within that is not merely awesome but ALL KINDS OF AWESOME.

These selections can range from the obvious (the first chord after the “Onetwothreefour!” near the end of Born to Run) to the more esoteric (I’ve always loved the handclaps before the final chorus of Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire). Or perhaps your tastes trend toward the way Chris Martin of Coldplay sings from the very depth of his vagina in the climactic “Ooooos” of Clocks.

Other instants that come immediately to mind:

  • The “I don’t know-ow!” in Something by The Beatles.
  • That first surge of electric guitar just as Damon Albarn sings “Woo-hoo!” in Blur’s Song 2.
  • The first “La la la la/La la la” toward the end of Cowboy Junkies’ version of Sweet Jane.
  • The way The Clash’s Joe Strummer yells “Hitler” in the line, “If Adolf Hitler flew in today/They’d send a limousine anyway” from (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais.

Got any split-second rock moments that come to mind?

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