I couldn’t possibly comment

Jason Kenney comments, and yet does not comment, on the plight of Toronto grocer David Chen.

“He is a victim of crime, of property crime, petty crime. Crime that is costing his business at least $50,000 a year,” Kenney said of Chen. “He employs 10 people and has a family of four. And it is not easy to make ends meet.”

… Still, Kenney tread carefully and stopped short of commenting on whether Chen should have been charged in the case. “I can’t comment as a Minister of the Crown on particular investigations or particular cases. That would be inappropriate. It would violate the convention of sub judicie (before the courts),” Kenney said. “But I can say that I regard Mr. Chen as a victim of crime and, similarly, these other shop owners are. And we need to keep that in mind.”

… Police Chief Bill Blair could not be reached for comment today. An unidentified man answering the phone at Blair’s office told a Star reporter to call back in the morning and then cursed “Christ!” before hanging up the phone.