John Baird ends all existence as we know it with his mouth

Can this quote be right? Did John Baird, the minister responsible for YELLING REALLY LOUDLY, really go on CTV yesterday and say: “What we don’t want to see is more political games… We at the federal level, we have put politics aside.”

I don’t think he could possibly have said that – because although I remember it getting a little cloudy yesterday afternoon here in the nation’s capital, I am almost positive that at no point did the sun become black as sackcloth of hair and the moon become as blood, a biblical apocalypse being the only fitting response to a whopper that big. That’s just science.

In Baird’s defence, he may have simply been fulfilling the prophesy revealed last Friday at the PM’s event in Cambridge, Ont.: And lo, I beheld a pale horse. And he that sat on him was Mike Duffy. And neither seemed particularly comfortable.

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