Kid Coderre

Denis Coderre embraces his parody.

The “mini-consecration,” as Mr. Coderre called his coming appearances on the Quebec equivalent of Spitting Image , is remarkable given that most characters on the show are current or former party leaders. “I think that it’s an honour to be a part of a show like that,” said Mr. Coderre, who is the first backbencher to get his computerized double on Et Dieu créa … Laflaque…

Getting a spot on Laflaque is only natural for Mr. Coderre, according to the program’s creator, who describes him as a prototypical “old-style politician.” “He is a human caricature,” award-winning cartoonist Serge Chapleau said while introducing the animated version of the glad-handling Mr. Coderre recently.

At last check, Mr. Coderre was using the cartoon as his Facebook photo.