Like a mighty wind, but even mightier

Take your index finger. Place it in your mouth. Remove. Place index finger in the air.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it coming?

Can you feel the “great wind” that apparently will sweep Stephen Harper’s government from office?

If so – if you can feel it – you just might be Michael Ignatieff’s speechwriter. Or Christopher Guest. Unless they’re one in the same, which presents itself as a distinct possibility these days.

“This wind will bring back hope to Canada,” Ignatieff told an audience last night in Montreal.

I’m not usually down with people trying to give themselves their own nicknames, but fine – from now on, Michael, we’ll call you The Wind.

After listening to you talk recently, the name seems fitting, believe me.

That said, as a general rule I think it’s fair to suggest that aspiring political candidates ought to get their parties above 35 per cent in the polls before they begin comparing themselves to an epic force of nature. (Obvious exception: The waves of charisma emanating from Jack Layton’s moustache can continue to be likened to a storm surge.)

ALSO: I’m intrigued by another line in Ignatieff’s speech: “The best Canada possible is a Canada inspired by Quebec.”

What does that mean exactly?

Does he mean Canada should be inspired by Quebec in the same way the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was inspired by the theme-park ride?

Or does he mean Canada should be inspired by Quebec in the same way that the obese should be inspired by Valerie Bertinelli?

For the record, either way works for me. I’m just curious.

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