Lost in translation

Michael Ignatieff, yesterday. “If you’ll allow me to conclude on one note. My stake in this is actually proving to Canadians, who are very skeptical about politics and our political system, that we can make this system work for them. That we can hold a government to account, get them to improve their performance, get good government for Canadians. That’s the big prize here actually. Make Canadians feel we got a pretty good system here and it works for Canadians and it delivers results for them. We get that, good result.” 

Adam Radwanski, today. “He may be better than Harper at playing the game, and that may put him in the Prime Minister’s Office before too long. But he’s squandering the opportunity to make it more than a game – to make it something relevant to Canadians who’ve never set foot within Hy’s and don’t plan their summers around the prospect of an election. If anything, he’s turning more of them off by adding to noise that they find increasingly indecipherable.”

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