Mark Sanford: The Most Awesome Movie Musical Ever!

Okay, here’s the plot: There’s a conservative, button-down, suit-wearin’ governor of a mid-sized state, and he’s tired of all the fighting and legislating and taking orders from Washington. So he decides he needs to get away from it all. Using subterfuge, wacky scheming, and changing cars and planes, he manages to slip away from the job and run away without anyone knowing where he’s gone. He escapes to beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina (land of castanets, partying and romance!), ready for a week of partying and fun before he has to return to his dull life in Columbia, South Carolina.

Cast Don Ameche as Mark Sanford and have him meet Betty Grable on his trip, and then go make a movie. Because we now know what’s going on with Governor Mark Sanford: he’s living out the plot of an escapist ’40s musical. His whole trip was simply a way of fulfiling the Good Neighbour Policy.

Update: When I wrote the above, I figured (like many people) that this movie had a romantic angle to it, but now it’s been confirmed.

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