Maybe mom should scoop some under-valued stocks

After a rather cool message delivered in the unsteadily beating financial heart of Toronto today, the Prime Minister tried for a warmer tone at an evening rally in an airplane hanger in Hamilton.

“Canadians are worried right now, those worries are understandable,” he told a throng of Tory faithful. “My mother is with my kids tonight. I’m sure she’s worrying about her savings. I worry about my kids’ future. That’s why we’re in this—that’s why we’re putting ourselves on the line in this election.”

Bringing up his mother prompted some eye-rolling. But he needs to at least try to reach out to very fearful voters, without laying it on too thick.

“In unstable times Canada is on a clear and steady course,” he said. “We are staying on it to protect individuals, families and communities. As Conservatives, we focus on the individual, the family and the community.”

Not bad, really. He went on to say “big numbers matter less than the individual reality—the employee concerned about her job, or the family working hard to pay the mortgage and put food on the table, or the senior worrying about their savings.”

That’s a list, to be sure, not a cry from the heart, but he’s needs lines like this. It’s better than the “buy” recommendation he issued earlier in the day.

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