McCain should stay out of supermarkets

Apologies for not blogging much lately. It’s been hectic.

However, next week I’ll be doing a full on-line extravaganza from the Democratic convention in Denver — blogs and web video and whatever else the tech gods can dream up… and the following week rinse and repeat from the Republican convention in St. Paul.

Meanwhile, recent events have been just to surreal to pass up without a posting. After musing that “rich” starts somewhere around $5 million, John McCain loses track of how many houses he owns. The Obama campaign, in a panic over fading poll numbers, and with a keen memory of the time George H. W. Bush made the mistake of stepping out to buy his very own groceries and appeared to be amazed by the scanner thingy, pounces on this gaffe with a full on national campaign of tv ads and public appearances to hammer home that a guy who can’t keep track of his seven houses is out of touch with ordinary Americans who can’t make the payments on their subprime mortgages on their one house. The liberal bloggerati get busy checking out the McCains’ spread via google earth and Architectural Digest. The McCain campaign shoots back with a devastating retort that you would think would lay the whole thing to rest: actually, he only owns four.

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