Pre-Nomination Nominations

Michael Schneider of Variety writes about the “finalists” for the Emmys — the 10 shows in each category that make the short-list. (This isn’t a list of nominations, it’s a list of shows that have a chance to be nominated.) A list like this is useful to let us know what shows have no chance of being nominated, and it appears that How I Met Your Mother and Battlestar Galactica have been shafted once again: they’re not on the short-list for Best Comedy and Best Drama, respectively.

The piece pays the most attention to the fact that Family Guy has a chance to become the first animated show to get a nomination for Best Comedy: it doesn’t have the nomination yet, but it did make the top-10 list of finalists. Every few years, an animated prime-time comedy tries to break out of the Best Animated Show ghetto, and it always fails; The Simpsons tried to get a Best Comedy nomination for several years before giving up (Lisa: “This is the biggest farce I’ve ever seen.” Bart: “What about the Emmys?” Lisa: “I stand corrected.”), and King of the Hill tried entering in the Best Comedy category a few years ago and got nowhere. After those failures, most animated shows don’t want to risk a certain loss by entering themselves in Best Comedy, giving up the probable nomination they’d get by entering in the cartoons-only category; Family Guy got around this by entering the series as a whole for Best Comedy and a one-hour special for the cartoon award. And it may work out for them yet. That show, I must grudgingly admit, leads a charmed life.

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