Question of the day

When are we going to get politicians who have the courage to tackle the real issues that bedevil and torment our society – such as how Jennifer Aniston could receive an award for her contributions to the film industry. Was it for outstanding achievement in yelling the only word she had in the entire script of her last movie (“Maaaaaar-ley!!!!!”)? Or was it Aniston who came up with the idea for selling combos at the multiplex snack bar? All I know is that this Women in Film gala honours a different actress every year, so you might want to start picking out a dress for 2010, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

ALSO: My latest column, from last week’s magazine, is now available here. And clicking over to it could prove lucrative! By virtue of simply looking at the accompanying photograph of Brooke Shields, you will immediately qualify for benefits relating to post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s that unnerving.

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